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Real Estate Law

GDA-Fidelys specializes in real estate transactions in Israel. Our lawyers offer legal advisory services for individuals, companies, as well as for real-estate developers.

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GDA-Fidelys has ample litigation experience and offers legal counsel, as well as legal representation, in litigation proceedings before different courts and tribunals in France and in Israel.

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Corporate Law

GDA-Fidelys advises individuals and corporations in the legal aspects of establishing and setting up companies. Our lawyers handle the drafting of all documents related to the project.

More than twenty years' experience

The Firm

GDA-Fidelys is the only Israeli law firm in Paris. Our law firm stands out for our our double expertise in both French and Israeli law. Thanks to this expertise we are able to offer the most suitable solution for every client.

Our deep knowledge of the ever-evolving Israeli economy gives us a considerable advantage across our many areas of activity. Be it real-estate law, litigation, corporate law, commercial law, international law, or tax law, our firm offers a global reach with local service.

For more than twenty years, many corporations and individuals have sought our counseling and representation in their legal proceedings as well as in their life-long plans. In addition to our know-how, we make every effort to ensure that our clients are satisfied that their needs are met.

With offices both in Paris and in Tel Aviv, our firm is recommended by the Embassy of Israel in France as an expert in its field. Our firm offers legal services in Hebrew, in French and in English, and advises every client until all their objectives are achieved.

Do not hesitate to contact us for your personal projects and legal proceedings. The GDA-Fidelys team is at your disposal, both in Paris and in Tel Aviv.

Comprehensive Legal Services in France and in Israel

Our Areas of Expertise

Lawyers at the GDA-Fidelys Law Firm specialize in a range of fields. This allows us to offer you a comprehensive service, regardless of the nature of your activities. Our experienced lawyers will assist you with legal counseling, arbitration, and representation before all courts in France as well as in Israel. Our lawyers follow each and every case through in order to obtain optimal results.

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Real Estate Law

The GDA-Fidelys Law Firm specializes in real estate transactions in Israel. Our lawyers offer legal counsel to individuals, corporations, and real estate developers throughout the process. Our lawyers assist clients in the sale and purchase of real estate properties, both commercial and residential, and support the financing of the project.

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The GDA-Fidelys Law Firm holds vaste experience and offers legal counsel and representation services to clients in litigation before all civil and commercial courts. Our lawyers operate in the following fields: civil and commercial law with its different aspects, labor law, intellectual property law, contract law, inheritance law, and defamation law.

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Corporate Law

GDA-Fidelys offers legal counseling to individuals and corporations in the creation of companies and partnerships, and handles the drafting of all documents related to the project. The firm also provides expert advisory services for all types of legal structures in order to ensure that the most suitable legal arrangement is put in place. Our expert lawyers ensure that each case is followed through and offer legal and tax advisory services as needed.

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Commercial Law

GDA-Fidelys specializes in legal counseling, negotiations, commercial contract drafting, and legal support for contracts in different areas of activities. Our lawyers represent individuals and companies before Israeli courts and tribunals and in arbitration proceedings.

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International Law

GDA-Fidelys represents international companies all around the world and drafts international business contracts in Hebrew, French, and English. The firm is experienced in drafting scope statements and in representation services throughout tender proceedings.

Quality Service for Companies and Individuals

Our Values

  • GDA-Fidelys is an independent law firm on a human scale. This allows us to offer our clients our attention, availability, and responsiveness needed for each and every one of their proceedings. In order to address all our clients’ needs effectively, in Israel as well as in France, our lawyers carry out regularly follow up each and every case personally through all stages of the legal process. Our satisfied international clients are a living proof of this.

  • Our clients who go about buying real estate property in Israel speak of their serenity, more than anything else, throughout the purchasing process. Since we are familiar with the local real-estate market we can offer better legal advice. These purchases are made without the need for travel, knowing that all aspects of their plans have already been thoroughly analyzed. In order to address our clients’ needs to ensure the appreciation of their acquired properties, we have established a subsidiary which specializes in this domain: Baitov. And so, our clients once again benefit from the quality of our service when it comes to managing and renting their properties.

  • Many business leaders and executives of French-Israeli multinational companies have chosen us as their partners in registering their companies in Israel. Thanks to our international network and the close collaboration between our French and Israeli lawyers, numerous companies have been formed. These companies now enjoy the legal and tax advantages of both countries.

  • We defend our business and private clients before all courts in France and in Israel. Be it for domestic or international legal proceedings, our lawyers work to resolve disputes. They lay out their expertise in the fields of mediation and negotiation in order to find an amicable solution to every situation.

The lawyers at GDA-Fidlys are at your service, both in Paris and in Tel Aviv

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